We have been talking about the chance of rain with tonight's cold front for over a week!  Why are we so excited about it?  Well, the last two fronts came through dry in Central Texas.  Plus, it's been over a month since we've had more than a few hundreths of an inch of rain in downtown Austin. 

The last time we picked up more than 0.10" at Austin-Mabry was on Halloween.  That day we recorded 0.38" and it was perfectly timed because it came in towards the end of trick or treating. The last time we had a good dose of rain at the Austin-Airport was on November 8th when we recorded 0.21".  

A cold front tonight will move across Central Texas between 2 am - 7 am.  Scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms are possible with rain totals up to 0.25".  Temperatures behind the front will drop into the 50s and stay there through the day with blustery north winds up to 25 mph.  

Check here for the latest 7-day forecast.  

Thanks for stopping by and keep your fingers cross for some rain. 

Meteorologist Mary Wasson