AUSTIN, Texas - Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, is calling on the business community to "not back down."

In a speech to the Austin Chamber on Thursday, the San Antonio Republican says he hopes the recent fight over the so-called "bathroom bill" can be a clear turning point for both Texas and his party.

The failed legislation would have regulated where transgender Texans could use the restroom.  It was a priority of Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, but received widespread backlash from the business community.

Straus also announced the creation of the Committee on Economic Competitiveness to make sure Texas can continue to entice new companies.

"We can’t just assume that jobs are destined to come to Texas if we continue to spend so much time talking about bathroom bills or whatever wedge issue gets manufactured next," said Straus.

Straus said the committee will look at factors that draw businesses to the state - including education and infrastructure.

He's given the panel a Dec. 12 deadline to reports its findings.