After a week of disorder, a broken Travis County Republican Party has officially distanced itself from its chairman-elect. On Tuesday night, the party overwhelmingly resolved not to stand with Robert Morrow, and is asking him to resign. But as our Stef Manisero shows us, Morrow says he has no plans to step down.

"The people of Travis County have spoken, the Republican party, and I will be the incoming chairman," said Travis County GOP Chairman-elect Robert Morrow.

Despite being asked to resign from his new role, Morrow shows no signs of slowing down.

"Why? Because Matt Mackowiak thinks I should? That's just laughable," said Morrow of the party's vice chairman. "They're going to do what they're going to do and I'm going to do what I'm going to do."

On Tuesday night, in a 61 to four vote, the Travis County GOP passed a resolution disavowing Morrow. When asked why he wasn't at the meeting, Morrow said, "I decided not to go because I needed to mow my grass yesterday."

But he already has plans for when he takes office in June.

"I'm using it as a bully platform to educate and inform the American public about the criminals and vipers who have run both the Republican and Democratic parties," explained Morrow.

He calls the TCRP incredibly weak.

"I'll give you an example, they recently just elected a party chairman who is completely disloyal to the Republican Party," Morrow described of himself.

He also says it's a job essentially anyone can do.

"You can have a corpse running the Travis County Republican Party," said Morrow.

And says he doesn't expect to devote many hours to the job.

"As few as possible. I'll do the bare minimum to keep the party running," he said.

Morrow, who describes himself as a small L libertarian, says his priorities are freedom of speech, legalizing drugs and legalizing prostitution.

"It's kind of like a refreshing gust of wind to have somebody running a political party who's not a hack of that political party," Morrow said. "Wow. Imagine that."

And in the face of overwhelming backlash, Morrow is full-steam ahead.

Morrow also says he's pro-gun, but doesn't have a license to carry. 

He believes needing a license to carry a gun is unconstitutional.

He also adds his No. 1 goal once in office is to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming the country's next president.


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