SAN ANTONIO —  Just in time for Mother’s Day, several San Antonio families are getting back together.

It’s part of an effort by community groups to help women get out of jail who may not have the money to bail themselves out.

Texas Organizing Project is one of a few groups helping women like Simone Oliver and Shamika Prisce — and others across the country — bond out of jail. It's part of National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day that local groups all over the country take part in. 

“It forces poor people into accepting a plea to accepting a guilty plea because they want to get out. What are you going to do, you’re going to plead guilty and that’s not justice,” said Mary Moreno with Texas Organizing Project.

Moreno has an issue with the country’s modern bail system, saying it’s slanted against the poor, leaving people stuck behind bars because they can’t pay.

Something echoed by area law enforcement leaders.

“In many cases from speaking, from a strictly dollars and cents perspective in many cases it’s costing Bexar County taxpayers more money to incarcerate these folks than it is costing TOP, for example, to get them out,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

“It feels really amazing,” said Oliver.

“It feels great out here. It’s cold in there,” said Prisce.

“You shouldn’t be punished before you’re found guilty,” Moreno said.

“Some of these women are pregnant, they need to be getting proper care. They need to be, you know, getting ready to receive their children – to bring their children to the world,” Moreno added.

For Simone and Shamika, they see this opportunity not only to be home for Mother’s Day, but as another chance to get life back on track.

“I would honestly say to just to always think about my kids first and not react right away when something happens, to just think about my children first and know that they need me more than the situation needs a reaction,” said Oliver.