AUSTIN, Texas -- Austin Police have been working without a labor contract since Dec. 29, but they could soon have some pay incentives restored.

Thursday, the City Council will consider bringing back incentives for testifying in court and working overnight shifts, as well as a couple other specialty pay categories.

Those bonuses ended when the police union voted overwhelmingly to end its contract in December. Before that decision by Austin Police Association members, Austin City Council voted unanimously to extend their contract through March after rejecting a new five-year labor agreement. At the time, city leaders worried loss of the stipends would negatively impact officers.

Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said the loss of those incentives have impacted the department's lowest paid officers most.

"[I have been] hearing stories from some of the officers that have lost between $900 and $1100 a month due to stipends, just due to their circumstances," he told the City Council Tuesday. "When you look at some of our younger officers, that is about 20 percent of their annual salary."

Contract negotiations resumed this month between the city and police union.