AUSTIN, Texas - The Travis County Jail is teaming up with the county registrar's office to offer inmates the opportunity to register to vote.

For inmates who have not been convicted of felonies, they're still eligible to vote, but Sheriff Sally Hernandez said that many don't know that.

Hernandez and Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar Bruce Elfant said in a Monday press conference that they want to help prepare inmates for life after jail.

"We want people to leave out facility stronger, better prepared to go out and be successful and to add value to our community, and to educate them and to give them an opportunity to fulfill their civic duties is also very important," said Hernandez.

"We want them to be equipped with the tools to be prosperous and successful on the outside. We don't want to see them again. We want them to be successful. So I'm grateful that we have a county and a sheriff that are willing to invest in that," said Elfant. 

Travis County Jail volunteers will be trained to help eligible inmates with the registration process.

According to the Texas Secretary of State, convicted felons who are currently incarcerated or on parole or probation cannot vote. However, once they complete their sentence and parole or probation, they can re-register to vote.