CHARLOTTE -- Six students were arrested today for their involvement in multiple fights that happened across West Mecklenburg High School’s campus.

One student was injured  as a result of smashing a window during a fight with another student.

Police were called here around 12:45 Thursday afternoon after a school resource officer requested help as fights broke out across school grounds.

One student was arrested for pushing an officer, charged with assault on a government official.

The majority of students were very hesitant to talk on camer, many of them afraid of potential repercussions from their peers, they told us.

A school representative did talk to us, and said the fighting broke out during a transition time between classes.

“This is probably the largest support we’ve had out here to help us out it’s also not the largest thing I’ve seen in here so I think today was just about being proactive our principal and our security staff wanted to make sure we were proactive if you noticed we actually have additional support on the bus lot today just to again prevent anything that might future happen and that’s just us being cautious looking after our kids,” said Christine Ward, science facilitator.

In a statement from CMS says: “CMS is committed to a safe learning environment at all of its campuses and the district takes any incident that threatens the safety and well-being of students and staff or disrupts the learning environment very seriously. Multiple fights occurred on the campus of West Mecklenburg High School today. Following CMS procedures, the West Mecklenburg campus was placed on lockdown and CMS PD and CMPD were called. Arrests were made by CMPD this afternoon and CMS PD and CMPD are investigating the incident. Students involved in today’s incident will be disciplined according to theCMS student code of conduct. Extra security will be on hand tomorrow at West Mecklenburg, and CMS will respond further and as needed to protect the safety and well-being of students and staff.”

The lockdown here was lifted around 2:15, when school let out — both cms police and cmpd responded to the fight and are investigating.

It is still unclear why the fights happened.

One student was injured as a result of smashing a window during a fight with another student.