You may not have the same options as you did at last year's company holiday party when it comes to your favorite drinks.       

A recent survey by consulting company Challenger Gray and Christmas shows human resources are taking some precautions regarding alcohol.

"When people drink alcohol their inhibitions drop, they do a lot of things that normally when they're sober they would not do," business attorney Karen McKeithen Schaede said.

With sexual misconduct allegations in the entertainment industry, politics  and the news media, companies are hoping eliminating alcohol will reduce the chance of bad behavior that will crop up at a company party.

"Alcohol has a lot of traps not even related to sexual harassment but people getting hurt and other things that bring up all kinds of legal pitfalls so I think it’s a good thing," Schaede said.

Last year, 62 percent of companies did have alcohol at their holiday parties. This year, that numbers dropped down to 49 percent.

"I understand there is a concern and liability, responsibility for businesses owners particularly at holiday parties-- we try to monitor that and be responsible of the people that we serve," Liberty Oak Restaurant co-owner Kent Reid said.

As far as numbers go, some of these restaurant owners aren't really seeing an impact just yet.

"Wine, beer, liquor remain the same consistent with last year so we haven't really see a drop or difference at this point in time -- that doesn't mean it won't happen," Reid said.

"Your biggest defense as an employer is that you do have policies in place and you are training your workforce and they know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate," Schaede said.

A similar survey by Bloomberg law says most companies have designated people to keep an eye on how much employees are drinking, while others limit the number of free drinks or time frame they're available.