Welcome to a very wintry Wednesday! Cold 40s feel like 30s thanks to strong breezes from the north, and then there's the rain. It's a fairly rare 100 percent chance Wednesday. Even rarer still, some of the precipitation could transition to a frozen form Wednesday night. 

As of the 9 a.m. data from our computer models, it looks like a cold enough pocket of air in the upper atmosphere will be able to stir up some snow as close as Fredericksburg by late evening.  At least one aggressive model predicts a dusting closer to the Balcones Escarpment and I-35, with light accumulations possible north and west of Austin.

But with ground-level temperatures above 32, can we sustain snow?  That's the question, and it's going to be another close call with temps running right on the cusp.

In the above video, Chief Meteorologist Burton Fitzsimmons shows us the morning models and talks about the timing of this event.

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