AUSTIN, Texas -- Many people started decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving, or even before, but some children won't get to experience the holidays in the traditional way.

Christmas music filled the room, as children at the Dell Children’s Hospital trimmed their very own Christmas tree.

Many of the children at the event won't be home for Christmas. 

"I can't think of anything worse than having your child in the hospital, except for maybe having your child in the hospital during the holidays," said Cami Wright, from the Just Imagine It organization.

Wright has brought the holidays to Dell Children’s Hospital for the past three years. The children got to decorate trees with garland, ornaments, and even lights, giving patients a taste of home and holidays while they're in the hospital.

"It was nice because we were stuck in the room. It was a good thing to bring him out,” said Brandi Martinez.

Martinez's two-year-old son is a short-term patient. He is underweight and was admitted a week ago. Martinez said it's important to remember that for many children, Christmas is a highlight of the entire year.

"Other kids experience it. They are not in the hospital. They don't go through what all these other kids go through. I know my son might not have a serious condition compared to all these other kids. It touches my heart to see them,” said Martinez.

Martinez said she isn't sure how long her son will be in the hospital, but even these small holiday touches lift their spirits.

This is the third year for the event, and the kids get to keep the mini trees in their rooms.