AUSTIN, Texas - On the corner of East Cesar Chavez and Waller there’s a one of a kind museum. 

“It started with Star Wars and Ninja Turtles. I got all the various lines. That’s really where it started was the main collections,” said Caleb Zammit, executive director of the Austin Toy Museum.

It’s a museum with treasures decades old.

“They can expect to see their childhood so we have toys from the 80s, 60s, 70s, and all sorts of arcade games and video games,” said Zammit.

Call it a trip down memory lane.

“They’ll point at all the different toys and say 'oh, I had that when I was little,' or 'my grandma sold that at a garage sale',” he said

For those behind the scenes it’s more than nostalgia.

“We take toy donations and we restore and we educate and we preserve. We work with special needs individuals for job training services,” said Zammit.

But there’s another trait that can describe this community: generosity.

“We are currently working with the Central Texas Food Bank to get people to bring in nonperishable foods,” said Shannon Brewer of Hops and Heroes Comics.

Both the toy museum along with Hops & Heroes Comics are on a mission this holiday season.

“Being that we’re two nerdy nonprofits working together, we decided we’d find more and more ways to reach out to the community,” said Brewer.

To bring some of the daily joy they see and try to give some of that joy back to the community. That’s why through the end of November, they’re collecting canned items at the museum.

“Actually that’s what they said they need the most of: proteins. Any nonperishable protein that you can donate, that’s the best and most needed items. That and baby items,” said Brewer.

Making a difference can be its own superpower.

“We all read comics and we all want to be superheroes. This is one of those ways where we can kind of be like Batman, who doesn’t have any super powers. He just has the ability to give what he has,” said Brewer.