DALLAS, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones backed off threats to sue the NFL, but he is still adament about what he thinks the league needs to do moving forward.

Jones said all team owners need to have a voice in how the league handles issues, such as the NFL protests.

He added that President Trump is a fan like millions of others, and he appreciates Trump's interest in the NFL.

"We want to make the league better for our fans and to do that we can't run with the ball as owners, we can't even catch a pass,” Jones said. “The way we do that is address many things about our game. President Trump is a longtime fan of sport and a longtime fan of football. I certainly think the thing he is addressing is apart of how we want to make our game better."

Jones also said he's not against extending NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract, despite the NFL's suspension of Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott.