AUSTIN, Texas - Austin's men and women in blue have their new labor contract with the City of Austin.

Now, it's up to City Council to make the final decision.

The president of the Austin Police Association said 85 percent of its members voted for the new contract. It covers everything from pay raises to how officers are disciplined.

Interim Police Chief Brian Manley said the deal grants more power to the Police Monitor, which could file complaints if it sees troubling patterns in police behavior.

While critics want more accountability, Manley said Austin's the only large Texas city with a citizen review panel and processes that create transparency.

"Neither side gets everything that they want. That is the case here. That is why I said at the beginning I think this strikes a very fair balance between what labor was looking for, what management needs and what this community deserves," said Manley.

Some groups are putting pressure on the City Council to reject the contract and said it doesn't bring enough accountability to police officers.

If that happens, the union said APD could instantly lose 300 officers to retirement.

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