SAN ANTONIO -- Finding the Angel Tree at malls across San Antonio is already part of the holiday tradition for some families.

"We did it last year. And we've been blessed the last two years with great jobs and decent money and it's time for us to share," said Priscilla Lopez. 

Others are starting the new family tradition for the first time this year.

"We had been struggling ourselves, but this year we had a pretty good year. My husband woke up that morning and heard on the news about the giving tree and he said this year I want to do. It's something I want to do," said Mary Zaldivar.

The Salvation Army is tasked with making sure everyone on the trees gets a gift. More than 8,000 little angels made it on the list this year, which is a record for San Antonio.

“We've seen a positive response and people have been coming out," said Brad Mayhar of the Salvation Army.

While many people have probably heard of the angels on the trees, not many have heard of the Christmas critters who are right by their side.

"We adopted three. One's an elderly because the elderly need presents as well," said Lopez. 

There are about 400 seniors on the Christmas Critters list. Their wish lists include things like clothing and kitchen towels.

"Some of our folks don't have someone to spend Christmas with or have a gift under the tree themselves," said Mayhar.

Though the Angel Tree started taking root in 1970's, the Christmas critters program launched a few years ago and it's already proving to be successful.

"I think it's awesome because some people some people just don't have family. And they'll have a lonely Christmas and I don't want them to have a lonely Christmas and think people just forgot about them. Even though I don't know them I'd rather them have a little something," said Lopez.

Showing that community means taking care of one another, whether it be the very young or the young at heart.