SAN MARCOS, TX - A DACA recipient from San Marcos is in federal custody, even though his immigration status is valid until May of 2019.

Felipe Abonza-Lopez has been detained since Oct. 12.

Advocates and family members in San Marcos protested his detainment outside the public library Tuesday. They are also calling the ICE field office to demand the 20-year-old's immediate release.

Abonza-Lopez was taken into custody during a traffic stop in Uvalde. He is now being held at the South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, Texas. Abonza- Lopez is disabled, he has a prosthetic leg, and in a letter to his lawyer, he described being mocked by guards.

"To actually see him down like that, I've never seen him down like that. It's just ridiculous," said Jacob Ricks. Abonza-Lopez’s brother. 

Abonza-Lopez informed his lawyer in writing that he has been mocked by guards at the detention center.

He reports hearing a guard say he could put a broomstick in his leg and use it to sweep. He also told his lawyer he's in pain and not getting proper medical treatment.

"It's disgusting, it's doubly wrong that he is being detained by ICE given his DACA status, what's also worthy of note is the fact that he is being taunted for his disability," said San Marcos resident Tomas de Leon.  

Despite his DACA status for another two years, his dreams of getting a college degree and working with computers are on hold.  

"He was really looking forward to going to college in the spring. I was helping him with his applications and stuff," said Ricks.  

Abonza-Lopez's family is working closely with a lawyer to make sure this dreamer can do just that. Spectrum News reached out to the media department at the ICE field office in San Antonio. We did not hear back.