SAN ANTONIO, Texas - As temperatures drop and thermostats rise, the San Antonio Fire Department is reminding homeowners about fire safety.

Firefighters advise residents to keep a three-foot safe-zone surrounding furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves and portable space heaters.

To prepare for the coming cold months, SAFD recommends having smoke alarms checked monthly. Heating equipment should also be cleaned and thoroughly inspected.

SAFD says homeowners should regularly take fireplace ashes out to an area away from your home in a metal container. However, wait for the ashes to cool before disposal.

Stoves and ovens should never be used as a heating source. Doing so can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Even though temperatures will drop at night, firefighters say you should never sleep with a portable heater on.

To keep an eye out on the weekend forecast, head over to Spectrum Weather for updated temperatures.