BUDA, Texas - Buda, Kyle and San Marcos have created a water alliance to ensure that no one ever goes without. 

"We're all about being good neighbors and working with our neighboring communities," said city of Buda public information officer David Marino. 

That's why the city teamed up with Kyle and San Marcos to make sure their water tank stays full.

Buda residents know all about drought.

"Even thought we had an abundance of rain over the past few months, or the past year, we still need to conserve because the next drought is inevitable," said Buda resident Bryan Woodward. 

In 2015, there was a water shortage in Buda. Since then, the city's been relying on neighboring cities to lend a hand and some water.

Soon, construction will begin on a $200 million pipe system that will pump ground water from rural Caldwell County and bring it to the three cities.

The three cities will split the cost with bond dollars over several years.

"It will bring this region about 13 million gallons of water per day, additional water per day. For us that breaks down to about 750,000 gallons," said Marino. 

Buda won't have access to that extra water until 2023. In the meantime, the water alliance between Buda, Kyle and San Marcos is all the more important.

"When you think about the water wars that are going on in Texas, and how contentious that can get between neighboring communities, it's nice that Buda, Kyle, San Marcos are all working together to solve a common problem," said Marino.