La Niña conditions appear to be building across the equatorial Pacific, and there's good chance the phenomenon will influence weather on this side of the globe through winter 2017-18.

NOAA recently issued a "La Niña Watch" and calls for a 55-65 percent chance for La Niña conditions through the upcoming cold season.

La Niña is a phenomenon resulting in cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures along the equatorial Pacific. 

The sea/atmosphere teleconnection to our weather?  During most, though not all, La Niña events, Texas typically runs drier and warmer than normal.

This past September, sub-surface temperatures have been trending cooler, says NOAA, a sign of the pending La Niña.

While it appeared a full fleged El Niño would emerge earlier this year, the forecast never full came true and a "la nada" pattern has been in control for much of 2017.

Check out the above video for a look at the forecast.


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