STATEWIDE - Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented storm that required an unprecedented response, and now FEMA is getting a clearer picture of just how big the need for assistance is in Texas.  

"Right now, we have some 860,000 people in Texas who have applied for FEMA assistance, and we recently reached the one billion dollar mark in terms of assistance to survivors," said FEMA representative Pamela Saulsby.  "The number of people registering is not coming in small numbers, like dozens or even hundreds. There are days where we have 2,000 new people coming in to register for assistance."

FEMA offers rental assistance, assistance for home repair and replacement of personal belongings. Agencies like the Small Business Administration offer help for homeowners too.

"We've approved over a billion dollars of disaster loans, so that's keeping us very busy," said John O. Frederick of the U.S. Small Business Administration. "A lot of times people say 'well, I have insurance. I don't need to apply.' But often we get the money faster to you than insurance companies can so our message right now is if you haven't done so already, register."

The deadline to register for help is quickly approaching. October 24 is the last day for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Anyone staying in a hotel paid for by FEMA right now must check out by October 24 as well. 

The message isn't only for those hit by the hurricane.

"If you have not been impacted, certainly there is someone that you know and love who has been impacted because the storm is so huge," said Saulsby. "Because of the impact of such a disaster in their lives they can be traumatized and paralyzed and not know what to do next."

The goal is to not leave any money on the table that could help rebuild lives.