DEVINE, Texas — After one victim came forward, authorities launched a joint investigation that led to the arrest of Miguel Briseno.

The 58-year-old man was a foster parent of more than 185 children between the years of 2002 and 2013.

“It’s sad that they had to grow up and go somewhere else to be able to tell the truth about what was going on,” said Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown.

Briseno, facing multiple charges of molesting children, has bond set at half million dollars.

Brown says that one victim was just the beginning.

“We’re barely into the investigation, and we have charges for five. There’s a sixth that has come forward. So, how high are the numbers going to go – I know there’s more,” he said.  

Briseno’s most recent arrest was not his first run in with the law. He was also arrested on similar charges in 2013.

“We were unable to get any of the girls to cooperate, to tell the truth, and rightfully so, they were having to live there with this guy. So, that charge was reduced from sexual assault of a child to solicitation of a minor.”

Child Protective Services says it stopped all foster placements in Briseno’s home after the allegations in 2013.

Now investigators are looking for other victims.

“At least we can give them the closure of, okay, this guy is not on the street anymore. He’s not going to hurt nobody else. Hopefully, we can make a right out of a wrong at least by him being locked up for the rest of his life.”