TRAVIS COUNTY, Texas — New data is shedding light on the issue of childhood obesity. Twenty-eight percent of students grades 3 to 12 were considered overweight or obese between 2013 and 2014.

  • In 2013-2014, 28.1% of Travis County students (grades 3-12) were 'overweight or obese'
  • Girls had a slightly lower prevalence of overweight and obesity (27.5%) versus boys (28.5%).
  • High school and elementary students had higher overweight and obesity (31.7% of high school students and 31.5% of elementary school students were overweight or obese) versus only 22.8% of middle school students that were overweight or obese.

Research shows there's a relationship between obesity and where you live. Nearly ten percent of Eanes ISD students are considered overweight or obese but in Del Valle that number is three times as high. One pediatrician says it's important to talk to kids about the topic but to focus health rather than appearance.

"We don't care really what they look like. All kids are beautiful. What we really care about is the outcome later on in life. Are they gonna end up with risk of diabetes and hypertension and problems when they're older," said Dr. Leighton Ellis, pediatrician, St. David's Children's Hospital. 

Pregnant women, or women who are planning to become pregnant, should consult their physician on healthy habits.

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