AUSTIN, Texas - Who better to speak at the fourth annual Texas National Security Forum at the University of Austin than the CIA director himself?

With national security on the forefront of everyone’s minds, the Director of the CIA Michael Pompeo had a lot to address, but not first without accepting a personalized University of Texas jersey.

The Kansas-native accepted the gift with a smile before he addressed an audience of students, military personnel and intelligence officials.

Pompeo spoke on concerns with the intelligence agency in Iran and its threat to American troops.

"They've exploited the vacuum in the Middle East to aggressively expand their influence, and they openly vow to annihilate not only our country, but Israel, as well," said Pompeo. 

While Pompeo could only speak in vague terms about threats from North Korea and Russia, he said the two nations are of top priority to senior leadership in the agency.

"We are in the business of stealing secrets, and we steal them from some of the most brute, oppressive regimes in the world. We don't do it to help American businesses or to spy on our fellow US citizens. Nope, the CIA does espionage for a singular purpose: to lift foreign intelligence to keep our country safe," said Pompeo. 

UT government student Usman Mahoov said it was an honor to see Pompeo take the stage.

"During a time like this, I think it's really important for all citizens to know and learn about the different types of events going on in the world and how America is aligned to it all," said Mahoov.