The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is far from over!  

As of 7 a.m., TROPICAL DEPRESSION #16 was upgraded to TROPICAL STORM NATE and, at last check, maximum sustained winds were at 40 mph.  Although the storm looks very ragged on the latest satellite loop, we believe it could be heading towards the Gulf coast. 

According to the 10 a.m. report from NOAA, the center of NATE had ventured from the warm waters of the far western Caribbean and was moving NW at 9 mph across northeast Nicaragua.

NATE will have to move back over water in order to intensify, and that looks like a strong possibility. 

This morning's ensemble of computer models predicts the center of NATE will move to the south Gulf as early as Friday night before tracking towards the Gulf Coast this upcoming weekend.

As of this writing, the current target zone for landfall extends from then central coast of Louisiana to the western Panhandle of Florida.  The Texas coast looks to be spared.

Forecast models call for a weak category 1 or possibly category 2 intensity storm by the time NATE's expected near the U.S. coast very early Sunday morning.

In the above video, meteorologist Dan Robertson shows us the latest forecast track.

Stay tuned for updates, with the very latest forecast info on the main weather homepage.