NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas -- It's been a rough week for a rescue dog in New Braunfels.

The pup's owner claims Cornelius was shot twice with a nail gun by a fencing crew. She's asking for an apology but said the fencing company is denying any involvement.

"I saw the nail in his mouth and then when I was checking him out, I noticed he had another nail in his leg," said family friend Tyler Armberster.  

Sunni Christon claims her dog was shot with a nail gun by a crew working on her neighbor's fence. Christon said a veterinarian had to put Cornelius to sleep to remove these two nails, one that pierced his lip, and another about an inch deep into his hind leg. She said the nails pulled from her dog, match the nails in the fence, and the fence was being constructed the same day Cornelius was hurt.

"I was mortified. I couldn't understand how somebody could do that to him," said Christon.

Spectrum News called the Texas Fence Company and asked them about the incident.

They said they contracted the job, and after learning of the incident have decided they will no longer be using this specific contractor. But, when we called that contractor, he said he didn't work for them, was not at the job and told us the company does not contract workers.

Meantime, Cornelius' vet bill was about $160 but Christon said at this point, she's not worried about the money.

"I wasn't seeking anything except an, 'I'm sorry.'," said Christon.  

She's just glad Cornelius is making a fast recovery.

"Very fortunate that he didn't get shot in the eye or somewhere else that could have really, really hurt him," said Armberster.  

But she said she's still saddened by the companies response, or lack thereof.