SAN ANTONIO — With the weekend here, the Texas Department of Transportation wants to remind people not to drink and drive.

Statewide awareness campaign, Faces of Drunk Driving shares the stories and struggles of victims impacted by intoxicated drivers.

“You don’t think about it until it’s happened to you,“ said public information officer Laura Lopez with Texas Department of Transportation San Antonio District.

​TxDOT partnered with victims of drunk driving to share stories of people hurt or killed in alcohol-related accidents.

“That’s a hurt that just doesn’t go away,” said drunk driving victim Tommy Moreno.

Moreno’s mother almost lost her life to a drunk driver in 1995.

He's now telling her story, hoping drivers will think twice about getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“He was doing an excess of 70 miles per hour. He literally sheered off the passenger side of the Ford Explorer, and the first thought to my head was – if my daughter would be in that passenger seat, I would be one daughter less today, a son–in-law less today, and two grand babies less today,” said Moreno.

TxDOT officials hope voices like Tommy's bring change.

Just last year, there were 1,848 alcohol related crashes in the Alamo City, leaving 99 badly hurt and more than 54 dead.

“Unfortunately, there are stories of young people that have been injured and are living with many scars, they are unable to walk, talk – I mean, it’s just how they have been affected as well as their families have been affected,” said Lopez.

TxDOT encourages everyone to plan ahead, and designate a sober driver or use ride-share services or public transportation.

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