AUSTIN, Texas — It's the last day of break for Texas lawmakers before heading back to work.

  • Special session could cost taxpayers up to $1M
  • Hot topics include sunset bill & so-called bathroom bill

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And the list of items they'll try to tackle this special session is long.

Gov. Greg Abbott has laid out a pretty hefty agenda, and not without a price.

This overtime period could cost taxpayers $800,000, maybe more, maybe less — some estimates have that number upwards of $1 million.

It all depends on how long this session lasts, how many lawmakers choose to show up to each day.

It can last a maximum of 30 days, there's no minimum, and the governor can call as many special sessions as he would like.

Taxpayers are expected to pay about $35,000 a day — That's just to cover the per diem that the lawmakers will receive.

On top of that, there's also costs like utilities and printing that will increase that bill.

The agenda is pretty hefty. Twenty pieces of legislation he wants to see make it back to his desk.

The so-called sunset bill is at the top of his list. It’s needed to prevent state agencies like the Texas Medical Board from being shut down.

Once that passes, lawmakers can work on other hot button issues like the so-called bathroom bill — very controversial throughout regular session.

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Multiple bills on that topic were filed within the hour of the governor's official declaration last week.

Today, a crowd is expected to gather at the Capitol and rally, calling on lawmakers to reject the bathroom bill, protesting what they call unnecessary and discriminatory legislation, and the economic impact they say it has on Texas jobs, investment and reputation.


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