AUSTIN -- A woman suffered potentially serious injuries after falling from a cliff along the Barton Creek Green Belt.

Officials say she was climbing a cliff face near Twin Falls when she fell nearly 20 feet.

Rescue crews had to travel on foot for almost a mile to reach her. They found her conscious and alert, but her injuries made for a painful trip back up to the ambulance. 

Authorities said she likely broke both arms and possibly her pelvis, and may have suffered a head injury as well.

"We recommend helmets for bicycles, helmets for motorcycles, any time you're going to be ten feet above the ground, and not on a climbing system -- I don't know if she was on a climbing system or not -- we recommend proper safety equipment and that's going to include a helmet,” said Paul Alvarez, of Austin-Travis County EMS.

Calls like this aren't uncommon for emergency crews during the summertime. At around the same time as the Twin Falls rescue, Austin Travis County EMS pulled another patient from a different section of the green belt who was experiencing medical problems.


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