The holiday weekend weather outlook continues to look a bit soggy at times here at home while and, at times, storms across Texas might get really bad.

Friday morning's computer models showed the first round of storms possibly firing up Saturday evening along the West Texas dryline, and it indicates the path would take the first round across I-35 north of Austin.

On Sunday, we see scattered showers and storms building along a slow-moving cold front and there's at least a slim chance it'll end up stalling out somewhere nearby.  If and where that happens, we still think some torrential downpours could occur.

Of course, there's plenty of time for the models to change their minds based on new data as we get closer to the event.

See the above video from Chief Meteorologist Burton Fitzsimmons for the hour-by-hour details, then be sure to check out the main weather homepage or tune in to "Weather on the 1s" for the very latest.