Austin police say they really need the help of victims to help stop others from being victimized.

Police say sex trafficking is a growing problem in Austin with victims brought against their will from San Antonio, Houston or out-of-state.

Investigators say the most difficult part about investigating these delicate cases is getting the victims to cooperate. The victims are often afraid and trying to protect the person who is controlling them.

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"The one thing that I'll tell them 'please help us out because if you don't, there is another girl down the line who may be a juvenile, may be a 14- or 15-year-old girl, who is getting pulled into this and now they're a victim. Mainly because you won't tell us what's going on so that we can put this person in jail and get you the help you need,' " said Sgt. Kevin Covington of the Austin Police Department.

Austin police say they often bring in counselors to help the victims.