What started in the Austin headquarters of a giant tech company is meant to impact the largest growing minority group in Central Texas.

  • By 2020, majority of young people in Central Texas will be Hispanic. 

The giving starts with Google.org, which kicked in the first $250,000 for a fund that will help support some of Austin's most dynamic groups.

"We see it as the nonprofits that are really beginning to change the face of Austin," said Gerardo Interiano, co-founder of the Hispanic Impact Fund.

Those programs include Con Mi Madre, which helps young Latinas stay in school and graduate college. Their unique mother-daughter counseling plan doubles down on the pursuit of higher education.

"Through the program (a mother) said 'I need to go back to school. How can I be pushing my daughter forward and telling her she should get an education when I didn't do it myself?'" said Con Mi Madre executive director Teresa Granillo.

By 2020, the majority of young people in Central Texas will be Hispanic.  The Austin Community Foundation wants them to have the same economic opportunities as everyone else.

The group believes when Hispanics rise, Austin rises along with them.

"We're really focused on closing the opportunity gap here in our community and launching the Hispanic Impact Fund is just one of the ways we plan to do that," said Austin Community Foundation CEO Mike Nellis.

 And with a $500,000 already raised by Hispanic Leaders, the Impact Fund is off to promising start.

Organizers say they'd also like the Hispanic Impact Fund to help spur minority owned businesses. Their data shows only 19 percent of local businesses are owned by Hispanics.