AUSTIN, Texas — It's a decision that would revise the science curriculum across Texas classrooms.

  • Those in favor of change want to replace "evaluate" with phrases like "compare and contrast" and "examine”

On Friday, the State Board of Education will take its final vote on whether to change the language on evolution and creation in textbooks.

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The decision could come down to one word — “evaluate.”

Right now it does appear in textbooks. Those who want to see it stay believe that it calls for students to "evaluate" certain biological methods which they believe is imperative when learning about biology.

But those who want to see it removed argue the word could undermine evolution theories and lead students to believe that God created human life.

They would like to replace "evaluate" with phrases like "compare and contrast" and "examine.”

A committee of teachers and experts was originally asked to make recommendations about the textbook language.

Back in February, the board preliminarily voted down the recommended changes, choosing to keep the wording that, at that time, some say questions the theory of evolution.

The board held a preliminary vote earlier this week. This time choosing to approve those changes replacing the word "evaluate.”

The final vote will take place today.

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