AUSTIN, Texas – The homeless population in Austin declined from last year, according to latest census numbers.

Back in January, 500 volunteers roamed the city to count the number of children, families and adults sleeping on the streets. Their count found 2,036 homeless people in the city, compared to 2,138 from last year.  

Numbers from the Point in Time Count show the total number of people experiencing homelessness in Austin have gone down, but with the homeless population hovering in the thousands for the past several years, city leaders are emphasizing that there is still work to do.

They say there's one major road block all local nonprofits share in working to end homelessness.

"They're working at capacity, and there are people, over 2,000 on any given night, waiting for help. They're either sleeping outside or in a shelter, and they need a stronger, a more clear pathway to housing," said Ann Howard, executive director of the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition.  

Communities that receive U.S. Department of Housing and Urban development funds are required to conduct the Point in Time Count.