STATEWIDE — It's easy to get stuck on the fact that I-35 is one of the most congested highways in Texas.

"I-35 is kind of the Main Street of Texas, and I think everybody around the state has at one point in time driven I-35 and most likely experienced some of the congestion,” said Mark Williams, Texas Department of Transportation deputy executive director.

Which is why the Texas Transportation Commission is deciding how best to spend its $70 billion budget.

Wednesday, commissioners met to talk about updates to TXDOT's Unified Transportation Program, the 10-year funding plan to address congestion and maintain the state's roadways.

"What we're talking about today is programming about 42 percent of the dollars over the 10-year period right now on projects related to congestion relief that we can get started in the next 4-year period," said Bruce Bugg, Texas Transportation Commissioner.

About $30 billion will go to the Texas Clear Lanes project, the statewide strategic plan to alleviate congestion in the five biggest Texas cities: Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Fort Worth.

"We're taking bite-sizes of the worst points on I-35 and putting dollars to work and executing on projects, and focusing on congestion relief," said Bugg.

Additionally, money will be spent on maintaining roadways and improving connectivity between rural and urban parts of the state.

"As those funds become available over the next few years, we're gonna be ready, we are ready to move forward on high priority projects all across the state of Texas,” said

All part of an effort to keep drivers moving forward over the next ten years.