Jessica Chastain make another best actress bid with her standout role in “Miss Sloane.” She plays a top notch lobbyist taking on gun control and the toughest opponent of her carrier. Critics say Chastain's award caliber performance carries the gripping political showdown.

An all-star cast including Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman tie one on for laughs in “Office Christmas Party.”  The  antics include TJ Miller and Kate McKinnon as a few of the employees trying to save their jobs by throwing an epic bash. Reviews are mixed, the cast gets a lot praise, but the flimsy plot is a let down.

Films in limited release include the Brazilian drama “Aquarius.” It opens at Regal's Arbor Cinema with outstanding reviews. The Portuguese film follows a retired woman fight to save her home from a real estate developers take over.

Shemar Moore plays a relationship coach who falls for celebrity therapists in “The Bounce Back.”

Bill Bellamy co-stars in the romantic comedy about confronting breakup issues. It hasn't been shown for advance reviews.

And lastly, Austin-made indie film “Slash” opens at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar for one week before it's available on demand everywhere. The coming of age drama is about young author whose erotic fan fiction creates unexpected comic-con experiences.