AUSTIN, Texas - Some Austinites' workout routines turned into a once in a lifetime experience Sunday.

Three soccer legends came in to exercise with them, and it's all for a good cause.

Maya Bustami brought her sisters in at Orangetheory at Four Points to meet their idols.

"We really admire the U.S. Women's National team because, well, Kristine Lilly's been in five World Cups, and it's really cool," she said.

Lilly, along with Mia Hamm and Tisha Venturini, worked out with gym regulars to raise money for first responders.

"My husband's a former firefighter in Boston,” Lilly said. “So I do understand the first responders and what they go through and what they see on a daily basis and, obviously, risk their lives. So, it's close to home for me."

"They serve us every single day,” said two-time Olympic gold medalist Hamm. “So, if there's a way we could help them, we're all for that.”

"Workout with Olympians" benefits Foundation 1023 - a nonprofit that provides mental health services to responders. The organizer, Cindy Present, said she's overwhelmed with the community response.

"It makes me very thankful that we can really start doing something for people's mental health and putting first responders first," she said.

Present stressed that taking care of your body through physical exercise is as important as taking care of your mind.

"An Olympic athlete, they'll never accomplish anything without that mental wholeness, right? I mean, you can train and you can prepare your body to do anything physically, but if you don't have that mental wellness and mental edge, it's not going to happen," she said.

Both athletes couldn't agree more.

"None of us were able to get where we are without help and assistance,” said Hamm. “I feel it's part of our responsibility to continue to give back."

It won't be the last time they lend their hand and cleats.

"We're so fortunate to play for so long and be part of the World Cups and the Olympics,” Lilly said. “We have the platform to do things and to help others and I think that's one thing that we've kind of all like, 'why not?' "

Because one thing that we could all learn from these women was that anything is possible when everyone works towards a common goal.

Foundation 1023 was founded in honor of Kristin McClain, the STAR Flight nurse who died in the line of duty in 2015.

Her badge number was 1023.

If you'd like to learn more about Foundation 1023 or donate, go to