AUSTIN, Texas — It is only a matter of months before the Dell Seton Medical Center opens its doors.  The new facility will take the place of UMC Brackenridge as the new county hospital.

On Wednesday, Spectrum News had rare access to a restricted construction area.

“I'd like to take you inside Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas for a sneak peek," said project manager, David Shackelford.

He led a crowd on a tour of the impending hospital, even as crews continued to work all around them. The main entrance, reception areas and critical care unit were slowly coming together.

"We're really excited about some of the design concepts for the new facility; the technology, the new medical equipment that will enable clinicians to better take care of patients," said Shackelford.

The operation rooms were finally equipped with lights and, soon, cameras. Patient rooms were almost completed. The hospital's medical director touted a layout that leaves room for growth.

"I think it's a hospital that we can flex up with the changes that we anticipate that are going to come,” said Dell Seton Medical Center’s Dr. Tom Caven. “And I think it's going to really deliver care in a way that really meets the needs of people in Central Texas."

The hospital might have been designed with the patient in mind so they don't have to move from room-to-room, or even floor-to-floor, to get from intensive care to recover. But doctors will also get to experience the benefits.

"This is meant to be a place where everyone teaches, everyone learns. Doctors learn from older doctors, older doctors learn from younger doctors, doctors learn from nurses and nurses learn from doctors," Caven said.

The new approach to medicine received attention.

"We're already attracting some of the best and brightest, already, teaching and practicing physicians,” Caven said. "That tells us that they believe what we believe that this is really a brand new concept and new cutting-edge development."

The countdown has started as every second ticked closer to opening day. The new teaching hospital opens in May.

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