AUSTIN, Texas — There's a new sheriff and district attorney in Travis County. Both are women, both are Democrats and both are very excited about Tuesday's results.

"You know, I don't think it has set in yet," said Sally Hernandez.

"It's a good time for the office to be reexamined," said Margaret Moore.

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In the race for district attorney, Moore beat out Republican Maura Phelan.

"I think the community was looking for a new person and someone with my kind of experience offers them a chance to put in a person who's ready to go to work on day one," said Moore.

Phelan is disappointed by the outcome as she doesn't believe Moore has a solid understanding of criminal law.

"She's saying she's going to have a special grand jury just for police officers and that it's going to be called just for that purpose and sit for a long period of time. None of that can happen under Texas criminal code," said Phelan.

Hernandez beat out three candidates in the race for sheriff with her main opponent being Republican Joe Martinez. 

She believes voters sided with her because of her position on changing the county's relationship with federal immigration officials.

"The voters came out and clearly have said that they want a more progressive ICE policy that focuses on not breaking up families and making our community much safer," said Hernandez.

"One of the things that I hope she does not do is turn Austin into a sanctuary city. This is one of the biggest crimes that would be perpetrated on the city of Austin, Texas," said Martinez.

The two other candidates Hernandez beat in the race for sheriff are Green Party candidate Debbie Russell and Libertarian Eric Guerra.


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