Tomorrow kicks off the first of two weekends of ACL Festival. Our Stef Manisero, Meghan Gonzalez and Sarah Wolfgram stopped into Austin's Buffalo Exchange to find out what's fashionable and what kind of things you'll see at Zilker Park this year. We spoke with store manager Lori and some of the shoppers for ideas on what's cute, cool and comfortable. 

Kelly Smith, a student at the University of Texas, talked to us about what she's hunting for and its clothing that looks good, but that will also wear well for the 3-day affair. Some items she was targeting were overalls, a flowy, breathable dress and a music-inspired T-shirt to pair with jean shorts.

Watch Kelly's full interview with Stef Manisero as part of her Weekend Two coverage. 


And now, five of the most sought-after fest fashion elements:

1) Hats

Those of us from Texas (or those of us who have been here in the summer) know that a hat is not only looks cool, but it keeps you cool. Though we're expecting pleasant weather, grab a hat to spice up your outfit and keep the sun out of your eyes.

This tassel hat is both colorful and cute.

Lori tells us we’ll see plenty of newsboy caps on and off the stage. Also, don’t forget a backpack — they are allowed at the event this year.

2) The 90s Are In

High necks, graphic T-shirts, chunky boots, choker necklaces, crop tops, overalls, sports attire  — if it happened in the 1990s, its fair game. 

Remember chokers? Paired with this bib dress and crop top, you’ll be looking like a total throwback.

3) Vintage Band T-Shirts

Dearly Beloved,

Let us take a moment to honor the forefathers of rock. Vintage tees are an awesome way to express your love for the greats and in the best environment for it possible. 

This vintage Pink Floyd shirt will put you in a festival state of mind. Bandanas, like pictured above, and other types of scarves will also be seen quite a bit this year.

4) Layering 

One moment you may be hot, the next, cold. The best way to prepare for this is to layer. Pair your outfit with something easily removed or put on like a flannel. One of our reporters *may* be rocking this very outfit for her segment next week  — keep your eyes peeled. 

As if. If there's anything wrong with an outfit inspired by cult classic “Clueless," then we don't want to be right.

5) Tassels, Fringe, Bohemian Prints 

It is more than okay to look like you're heading to Woodstock for ACL Fest this weekend and next. Bold prints, florals, tassels, fringe  — it is ALL good. Lori tells us not to expect as many flower crowns this year, but that the "free spirit" look is still alive and well among festival goers. 

Kimonos, like the one pictured above, and other types of cover-ups are a great alternative to flannels if you're looking for a more fashionable way to layer.

In closing, don't forget a pair of shades, comfy footwear and remember a smiling face. It's ACL Fest  — have fun and look in vogue while doing it. 

Buffalo Exchange is located right off the UT drag at 2904 Guadalupe St. Their staff is on hand to help with any questions and to get you feeling your very best when dressed.