AUSTIN, Texas --  Anna Hutto, 16, isn't your average high school student.

In addition to studying for the ACTs, she's also the founder of a food truck.

"I have always been super interested with the whole food truck concept of having a kitchen in a truck,” said Anna.

But it's not just any food truck.

"Melted" specializes in grilled cheese, but it also serves up a side of philanthropy with every order.

After a mission trip two years ago, Anna wanted to do something to help others across the globe.

"I wanted to make a business so that we would be able to have a profit and then we can donate it to that charity, and it's not just a one-time thing,” Anna said. “It's sort of a sustainable, continuous thing."

Her charity of choice is the International Justice Mission, which strives to reduce poverty, human trafficking, and violence in third world countries.

"I think that as an international community, it is also our obligation to help others that don't have the rights and freedoms that we have in the United States," said Anna.

The man behind the cheese, Melted's head chef Aaron Essman, said he's constantly impressed by Anna's ambition.

"It's been a fun journey,” said Essman. “It's been challenging, but that's kind of what pushes us to be better, so what we've done is really awesome so far."

100 percent of the truck's profits are being donated, and while there's not an exact dollar amount yet, Anna is already looking forward to expanding.

"Maybe a brick and mortar, maybe put another truck in other locations in Texas or outside Texas,” she said. “I don't know, make it national maybe."

Big plans for a teen shattering expectations, changing the world, and melting cheese.

Melted Grilled Cheese frequently changes locations throughout Austin.

To find out where it will be on a certain date, click here.

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