AUSTIN, Texas—Donald Trump's speech on immigration, Wednesday night is costing him the support of several Texas Hispanic advisers.

Six Texans sat on a National Hispanic Advisory Council the campaign put together to recommend ways to engage Latino voters.

"I thought he heard us," said Jacob Monty, a Houston-area attorney who, until Thursday, sat on that council.  

Now, he's stepping away. He told CNN on Thursday that it is a tough decision after what he thought were a series of positive steps.

"They were all dashed with the speech last night that wasn't Republican and not compassionate at all," said Monty.   

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Monty's pulling all support, political and financial from the Trump camp,  but vows not to vote for Clinton, either. Another Texas Republican advising Trump on Hispanic outreach was also upset with the speech. Rick Figueroa posted his views on Twitter, but a statement further detailing disappointment in Trump's message has been deleted. Figueroa tweeted that he'd still vote Republican in November.

Trump waded into another touchy topic:  ideological tests for immigrants. Immigration attorney William Jang said besides that being unconstitutional, it's also likely to fail. He says those with ill-intentions will simply lie.

"The people who are going to be hurt by this ideological test will be the people who are honest, the people coming here for legitimate reasons," said Jang.  

He’s also concerned Trump doesn't understand immigration law. He cited the Republican's notion that those who are deported, can simply turn around and come back.

"An individual that has been legally in the United States for over a year, they're not going to be able to come back for 10 years," said Jang.

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