BASTROP—A petition to recall Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus is circulating in the City of Bastrop.

The effort is part of a push from a local political action committee to shake up Bastrop's political scene.

Bastrop voters received some interesting mail this week. Two petitions arrived in mailboxes across town from the political action group Independent Texans. One petition is to change the city's petitioning rules, the other is to hold an election in the fall to recall the mayor. 

"We believe the mayor has been trying to situate the city of Bastrop as a water marketer, essentially, to funnel water to private interests for movement out of Bastrop County," said Independent Texans​ Director Linda Curtis.  

Time Warner Cable News reached out to Bastrop Mayor Ken Kesselus numerous times for comment, with no response.  But to get the recall measure on the fall ballot, Independent Texans will have to get enough signatures, which is one-quarter of the City of Bastrop's voters. It's a tough number to hit. 

"The hurdle is too high," Curtis said.   

Independent Texans is also petitioning to lower the required number of signatures needed to get measures on the ballot. They want to lower the number of required signatures to five percent of voters for normal referendums, and to 10 percent of voters to call a recall election. 

"The counsel has insulated themselves to citizens challenging what they're doing through recall, through initiative and referendum petitions as well," Curtis said. 

If Bastrop voters want the two measures on the fall ballot, they'll have to sign the petitions quick. Independent Texans says they'll need all the required signatures by July 12.