CLEVELAND, Ohio – Two students are spending their summer working at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a chance they say may not have come if Breakthrough Austin hadn’t come into their lives.

Sheldon Foreman, 20, is a graduate of St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and now attends Swarthmore College. Joe Cruz, 19, is a graduate of the McCallum Fine Arts Academy and now attends Ithaca College.

At an early age, they were introduced to the nonprofit group dedicated to creating first generation college graduates.

“They’re really about just removing any kind of barriers. Whether it’s financial, or emotional barriers,” said Cruz.

Foreman said the non-profit simply wants every kid to have the same opportunity at college. This is Breakthrough Austin’s first partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Both Cruz and Foreman will learn from programming, marketing and curatorial experts about creating memorable experiences for the museum’s visitors.

“We’re just helping out with strategic stuff over the summer because they have very busy schedule. They have a lot of concerts and events lined up so we’re just helping out,” said Foreman.

The internship goes throughout the summer, with major events being hosted at the museum in the days ahead of the Republican National Convention.