AUSTIN—A video released on YouTube by a local activist group shows members of the Austin Police Department using pepper spray on a large crowd of people on Sixth Street Thursday night. 

The video is the most recent in in a series of videos shot by people affiliated with the Peaceful Streets Project, a local watchdog group that follows police and films their actions. The group's stated goal is to end police brutality, but they have been vocal about their dislike of Austin police.

There is no information as to what caused police to use the pepper spray on the crowd, but when it was posted online, one commenter said police were breaking up a fight.

APD Released the following statement in response to the video:

The Austin Police Department is aware of the incident captured on video and has launched an internal investigation. Anyone with information on this incident should contact the Austin Office of The Police Monitor at (512) 974-9090. 

Watch the full, raw video below: (WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)