This weekend, school is in session.

“Our students are on a mission. They are united by this desire to be the first in their families to graduate from college and to make a difference for themselves and for their families for generations to come,” said Michael Griffith of Breakthrough Austin.

Breakthrough Austin makes a difference in many young lives.

“I wasn’t planning to go to college, I didn’t think I was suited,” said Texas State graduate Claudia Ochoa.

It’s that mentality that the “road to college” organizers say is too common.

“In Austin where we have this growing divide, this tale of two cities it is the best way to bridge that gap that we have,” Griffith added.

After getting a push from Breakthrough Austin, Claudia Ochoa now mentors the next generation of first time college students.

“I thought about how I was in their shoes not too long ago and how I’m able to succeed. I was able to succeed and reach my goal,” Ochoa added.

Senator Kirk Watson says seeing hundreds of students and their families was encouraging.

“It makes me very excited and very proud to see so many who feel it in their bones that they’re going to be in a situation where they can have a huge positive impact on their future, and they want it so much,” said Senator Kirk Watson.

An investment that isn’t short of obstacles.

“The thing that inspires will be what will help us overcome those hurdles,” Ochoa added.