SAN MARCOS -- Texas State Greek organizations made the largest single food donation in the Hays County food bank's history.

More than 4,000 pounds of food and canned goods were collected and donated.

The food came by the truck load - six truck loads to be exact.

Hundreds and hundreds of canned items will soon fill the shelves of the Hays County Food Bank.

“Collect cans from all the organizations within the Greek Community at Texas State, our last year goal was 2,000 [pounds], this year we wanted to double that,” said Chris Pringle, Texas State Interfraternity Council.

As the cans were delivered, they were weighed to see how close to that goal they came.

“Four thousand pounds is a lot of food. I personally have never seen that much,” said Kevin Tubbs, Texas State Interfraternity Council.

The donation comes as the food bank wraps up its Thanksgiving drive.

Hundreds of food boxes have already been passed out, but this donation will still make a difference.

“This donation right here, this  4,042 pounds will actually sustain us for a little over a week,” said Mallory Raschke with the Hays County Food Bank.

Two tons represents the largest single food donation the food bank has received.

“We want to give back to the community as much as possible and one of the most impactful things is we can donate cans to a community that deserves it,” Pringle said.

The food bank is serving more people than ever before, many of whom suffered losses to this year's floods.

“Unfortunately some of our clients were the ones that were affected so they had a little bit of a harder time than usual, some of them even twice," Raschke said.

After doubling their donation this year, the group says next year they'll do more. And they may need more trucks.