The company heading construction at the New Central Library in Austin has been cited with four safety violations by OSHA.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration documents call the violations, Serious and Willful.

The proposed fines total $88,000 dollars.

Hensel Phelps Construction Company and their subcontractor CVI Development were both cited.

According to OSHA, back in March four workers were installing rebar in the rain in a pit putting them at risk of being hit by falling objects or being trapped by a cave-in.

Councilman Greg Cassar—who in the past has fought for workers' rights—says safety violations on a city project are in tolerable.

"We've pushed the city to step up their game and it's very rare for the city to have this sort of violation that doesn't make it any less disappointing and any less acceptable. It's an unacceptable thing to be happening on a city project," Cassar says.

The city and the construction companies have the right to contest the violations.

And the city seems to be standing by the Hensel Phelps and CVI.

A city statement says, in part, "The City is assured that these alleged violations will be reviewed and Hensel Phelps construction Company and their subcontractor CVI Development LLC, will be able to provide documentation that can substantiate their commitment to safety. "