The future of Cape's Dam is in doubt. San Marcos city officials are still deciding if they should fix the dam or remove it--causing concern among some residents. Monday, they took us out on a tour of the dam. Victoria Maranan shows us what it looks like now.

A popular spot with kayakers is a no go for now.

"I sure wouldn't want to kayak near it in its present state right now. I mean, it's dangerous, it's in disrepair and something has to be done with it," said Trey Hatt with the City of San Marcos.

Metal bars, downed trees and other debris stick out of Cape's Dam, making it a no-swim, no-paddle zone.

A sight, paddling instructor Ben Kvanli with the Olympic Outdoor Center, found devastating.

"It was heartbreaking to have it break and not be as safe as it used to be," said Kvanli.

The dam has weathered several flood events, including this year's Memorial Day Weekend floods.

But every flood brings more damage.

As it continues to deteriorate, city officials need to come up with a solution.

The dilemma: Should it be fixed or destroyed?

"If they destroy the dam, it's going to destroy this part of the river right here. It's going to drop the water level by 3 to 4 feet and turn this beautiful stretch into a muddy ditch," said kayaker Alfred McAlister.

"Without that water, it's going to devastate us. We'll have to move, we'll have to get a new location," said Kvanli.

On Monday, San Marcos City Council members led the community on a tour of the dam and took public comment along the way.

Aside from water levels, people also brought up concerns about endangered species living in that part of the river.

"The city's very dedicated to endangered species protection and to environmental protection and good environmental stewardship," said Hatt.

The results of a study will be presented to the city council on Tuesday.

As people wait for a decision, they hope the city takes the right course.

"I love this part of the river and I just would hate to see it destroyed," said McAlister.

Council members also want to hear from the public at Tuesday night's meeting.

The meeting will kick off at around 5 p.m. at San Marocs City Hall.


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