The Austin Fire Department has a cool new tool that may help save lives.

With mock disaster scenes, AFD crews tested out their robotic drones Wednesday.

The department says the devices will help get information to them quicker during disaster situations.

On Wednesday, the Robotic Emergency Deployment team -- which will operate the devices -- got special training on how to properly use them.

The drones will be able to take pictures and videos of disaster areas.

The information will then be sent back to the department as well as EMS and Star Flight.

"There are a number of scenarios that we could use these apparatuses in. Some of the ones that come to mind are hazmat situations, hazardous material situations, flooding, major wildfires and, um, search and rescue," said Richard Davis with the Austin Fire Department.

The Fire Department has been trying to get drones out in the field since 2010.

They want to make sure they are fully trained before they bring them to a disaster situation.


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