Nestled on a hill in Southeast Austin, you'll find the House of Songs.

Just a few miles from downtown and the chaos of South By Southwest, the house entertains a harmony of international artists. Many are in the Capital City for their first taste of South By, like Swedish pop trio Indevotion.

"Game plan is to kick ass at our shows and just enjoy ourselves, like networking and get to know all the bands and just enjoy ourselves,” Indevotion’s My Helmner said.

Even on the other side of the world, South By Southwest is the name of the game. The festival is targeted by international bands looking to break into the music industry both here in the states and back home.

"What we hope to get out of it is to get as many people as possible to discover a music style that they don't necessarily have in the U.S., get hooked on it and want to do everything they can for these new artists,” Swedish music producer Holger Carlsson said.

Indevotion isn't the only group that made the 5,200-mile journey from Sweden. Sweden's affection for Austin and South By Southwest also struck a chord with The Magnettes.

As an international female duo, they're looking to leave a lasting impression on the Live Music Capital of the World.

"Everyone's here. Yeah, the whole freakin' world is here, so it's a great opportunity. We get to meet everyone in the business,” The Magnettes’ Sanna Kalla and Rebecka Digervall said.

It's the opportunity of a lifetime for the pair. They say playing South By will likely give them a hike in credibility in Sweden.

"The whole thing is going to be fun, but it has to lead to something sort of,” they said. “That's what we want, and just the exposure will do that in some way."

Photos below by Amy Madden.