Can't have dairy? That doesn't mean ice cream is off limits.

"Our name, NadaMoo!, means no milk," NadaMoo!'s Kristen Palmer said. "We're a coconut milk, dairy-free ice cream based in Texas."

NadaMoo!, now sold nationwide, was created 10 years ago. Anyone with a dairy allergy or intolerance can still enjoy NadaMoo! ice cream because it's made with coconut milk.

"It allows for a really creamy, delicious, very subtle coconut flavor," Palmer said.

Palmer says vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip and maple pecan are NadaMoo!'s most popular flavors and that most people are shocked when they try any NadaMoo! flavors.

"When people try NadaMoo!, they can't believe that's it's actually ice cream," Palmer said. "The flavor and the texture and the creaminess is that of a normal, dairy ice cream that people grew up with."

For more information about the Texas-based NadaMoo!, check out the "Let's Eat" segment above.